I am so excited to be offering workshops that are playful, empowering, and draw upon your unique, inner self-expression! They are reflective experiences for women regardless of their art or creative experience.

Warwick Sunday Workshops

guiding women to connect with their creative side

artistic expression & mindset work

You ARE Divinely Creative!

Hey friend, i see you...

Through each workshop model, I invite attendees to feel deeply, dream big, and manifest their creative potential all while having FUN learning a new creative skill. Whether you are first starting out, or have been creating for years, I firmly believe we are all Divinely Creative and that self-expression and creativity are the pathways to a joyous, meaningful, and fulfilled life.

These workshops are terrific for:
- a girls night out
- team building event
- learning a new skill
-meeting new women in a fun and supportive environment!













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Fun Details

Learn to Draw with Me!

NeW virtual workshop!


In this course, we will cover the basic shapes and patterns found in florals as well as bouquet composition. Students will learn to sketch three florals: the daisy, tulip, and rose and apply what they learn about these basic florals to draw their own whimsical wildflowers. Students will also receive a digital workbook and recommended supply list for future practice at home.

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How to Draw Modern Florals

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Play & Mindset Work

Creating a warm, welcoming, and inclusive learning environment is of crucial importance to me. There are no barriers to our creativity due to age, education, experience, ability, background or culture. Regardless of your art experience, these workshops are welcoming for all.

A Supportive Environment

Quite simply, we learn best by doing. These hands-on experiences combine creativity sessions, mindset work, and reflection so student learning is experience-based.

Experiential Learning

a fun, supportive, & safe space for letting your creativity flow!

What you can expect from my workshops

Play and mindset go hand-in-hand. In each workshop, students are guided towards a growth mindset, encouraged to welcome imperfections, find the value in differences, and use mistakes as learning opportunities. We aim to reorient our lives towards play, self-love, and fun!

Learn mandala art as a self-care tool for meditation, stress reduction, visualization, and more. Three different classes offered.
*No prior art experience necessary

mandala art

Students will take what they already learned about the basics of florals, and follow that pattern into more complex floral designs.
*Prerequisite: Modern Florals I

modern florals II

An approachable, step-by-step process to floral drawing. The beauty of this workshop is to embrace the imperfections in nature as well as in ourselves. 
*No prior art experience necessary

modern florals I

Types of classes offered

workshops are designed to be fun and reflective

Explore the power of your subconscious mind by looking at your limiting beliefs. Then design your own powerful affirmation art deck for daily use. This experience is designed to be empowering, personal, and unique to each student.
*No prior art experience necessary. 

affirmation art

Covers the basics of using a brush pen to create beautiful, modern lettering. Students will leave with a completed lettered art piece as well as a brush pen and practice guides so they can continue this artform at home as a creative self-care hobby.
*No prior art experience necessary. 

intro to brush lettering

A fun and simple way to get started with modern calligraphy.  Students will leave with a lettered art piece, practice guides, and coloring sheets to further their practice at home. As we work, students are guided towards a growth mindset while learning a new skill.
*No prior art experience necessary.  

intro to faux calligraphy

 I guide women into using art & journaling as a means to heal their limiting beliefs, reduce stress, manifest their desires, and make creativity a daily part of their life.

my goal through each workshop:

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Hi, I'm Ange! I'm an educator and self-taught artist with a strong desire to help women and children nurture their innate creativity and self-expression. Warwick Sunday offers a curated collection of stationery products centered around creativity and mindfulness.  I also host a variety of interactive art workshops. My goal is to bring a little more creativity and play to the lives of busy women so they can have more moments of connection, authenticity and joy. Let's have some fun!

Passionately helping you live a creative life

Meet Ange — Teacher, Creativity Coach, Artist & founder