I found my own path to art while working as a Special Education Teacher.

During my years in the classroom, I used drawing as a tool for connecting with my students and fostering a therapeutic classroom environment. When I couldn’t find the resources I was looking for, I created them myself. I loved combining art and mindset work to bring joy, motivation, and creativity to learning.

I'm Ange

A teacher and self-taught artist merging art and mindfulness.

the heart and hands behind w.s.

It was over many Sunday mornings spent in the little village of Warwick, NY that the dream for this business grew. I wanted to serve and connect with others through my art. From custom watercolor paintings to children's affirmation decks, my hope is that a Warwick Sunday keepsake will become a treasured part of your life's story.

My mission is to use art as a means for creating deeply meaningful keepsakes that bring purpose, connection, and a little bit of joy to your life.

About Warwick Sunday

Words of affirmation is my love language, shocking, I know!

For my Enneagram Type, I  tie equally between 2 - The Helper, and 7, The Enthusiast.

I am married to the funniest person I know and I'm a mama to 4 little humans.

I value authenticity and genuine human connection above all else.

Smoothies are a very real addiction for me. Oatmeal cookie is my fave. Mmmm!

I am a serial hobbyist and am constantly exploring new ways to fuel my creativity. Current hobby: photography

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