I found my own path to art while working as a Special Education Teacher.

During my years in the classroom, I leaned on art and creative expression as tools for connecting with my students and fostering a therapeutic classroom environment. When I couldn’t find the resources I was looking for as a teacher, I created them myself. I loved combining art and mindset work to bring a little more joy, motivation, and creativity to learning and the classroom.

Fast forward to 2017, it was time for me to stay home with my children, so I took a leap of faith and crafted my first collection of stationery & vow journals for weddings; the first paper goods intended to preserve intimate thoughts, love, and reflection.

I'm Ange

A teacher and self-taught artist with a passion for inspiring creativity and mindfulness in women and children. Yet, it didn't start out this way, here's the story...

the heart and hands behind w.s.

It was over many quiet Sunday mornings spent in the little village of Warwick, NY that the dream for this business grew. I yearned for a way to live more presently and purposefully; to preserve the intentional, connected moments amidst a world of rapidly growing technology.

What originally began as a creative outlet merging my passion for beautiful design and mindset, has grown into a brand dedicated to inspiring women and children to connect with their innate creativity, overcome limiting beliefs, practice gratitude, and find connection through creative expression. 

My mission is to create high quality keepsakes and workshops that bring you more intentionality, creativity, connection, and purpose to your life.

About Warwick Sunday

Words of affirmation is my love language, shocking, I know!

For my Enneagram Type, I  tie equally between 2 - The Helper, and 7, The Enthusiast.

I am married to the funniest person I know and I'm a mama to 3 beautiful little boys.

I value authenticity and genuine human connection above all else.

Smoothies are a very real addiction for me. Oatmeal cookie is my fave. Mmmm!

I am a serial hobbyist and am constantly exploring new ways to fuel my creativity. Current hobby: watercolor

some of the fun stuff

get to know ange

• I began drawing clipart and designing teaching resources focused on a growth mindset for neurodiverse children.


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The Timeline

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