The Warwick Sunday belief:

Reflect on what you passionately desire most in life. Affirm your own self-worth.
Playfully create every single day. Connect with your creative spirit.

Reflect . Affirm . Create . Connect

Hi, I'm Ange! I'm an educator and self-taught artist with a strong desire to help women and children connect with and nurture their innate creativity and self-expression. Warwick Sunday offers a curated collection of stationery products centered around creativity and mindfulness.  I also host a variety of interactive art workshops. My goal is to bring a little more creativity and play to the lives of busy women so they can have more moments of connection, authenticity and joy. Let's have some fun!

Passionately helping you live a creative life

Meet Ange — Teacher, Creativity Coach, Artist & founder

My work has been featured in:

Ready to give yourself a mental break and express more gratitude, nurture self-love, and find stillness?

Craving more fun, creativity, and playfulness but unsure on where to start?

Feeling overwhelmed with stress, responsibility and worry? Always pouring into everyone and everything else before yourself?

You have so much to be grateful for, yet sometimes it's hard to be present and intentional.

Looking for more meaningful, playful moments in your life?

I know these feelings all too well. Creative expression saved me.  Now I'm on a mission to help other women embrace their imperfections, love themselves exactly as they are and find peace, gratitude, and connection through art and journaling. 

I love leading impactful art workshops for women! In each of my classes, we merge playfulness and mindset work to help you overcome limiting beliefs, reduce stress, and manifest your potential!

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I absolutely adore pretty paper goods! You too?! Shop my collection of intentional resources including affirmation cards, gratitude decks, workbooks, and more - all intended for creativity, self-love, and connection!

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