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Art & Calligraphy Events

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Learn my step-by-step process for hand lettering design layout, flourishing, and faux calligraphy -- all which can be applied to any medium and future design projects!

Spice up your home this fall with some calligraphy design!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are all Divinely Creative beings. Creation is simply thinking of new ways to solve a problem. Creativity can be strengthened and nurtured through repeated experiences, time and rest, as well as recognizing our own fears and limiting beliefs that prevent creativity from flowing freely.

I believe relationships are the most important aspects of life. I intentionally design each product/service to empower women and children to voice their unique personality through creative expression. Whether it's through journaling, art, or any other creative form, creative expression is an excellent way to regulate emotions, develop and nurture a growth mindset, reduce stress, practice mindfulness, and connect with yourself and others around you.

Not at all! My workshops are perfect for beginners! Through each workshop model, we work towards acquiring a growth mindset and accepting where we each are in our learning process. These workshops are excellent for stress management, getting in touch with your playful side, and reflecting inwardly about your own passionate desires in life.

You are an active, busy woman with many roles to fill. I get it! When figuring out how to nurture your own creativity and playfulness, begin slowly. I like to suggest starting each morning with a "brain dump". Upon waking, take out a journal and simply write whatever comes to mind for 5-10 minutes. This simple practice will help clear away a lot of the clutter in your mind and soon you will start to find bits of creative inspiration for where you can 1) find more time in your life for your own self care, and 2) open yourself up to creative flow and connection with yourself.